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Seriously, what the fuck are you doing?
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So it's fucking sembreak right now here in my country, and i wanted to hop on Skype and talk with my peeps from other countries, but then the shit just had to happen, and my fucking headphone wire connector thing? get's stuck in the hole of the headphones, and now it thinks i'm still connected and i still haven't got it out yet.

Soooooo, uhhh..To my skype contacts.

how you all doing loves?
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So i've noticed this alot now, but...errrr me trying to be the "Leafyishere" in this situation is gonna explain why i sound like a complete douchebag throughout this entire rant.So let's go i guess.

Basically you've probably stumbled onto youtube once or twice, and noticed the complete change it has gone through from 2013-2016 it has been a site where people "Roast" and "Cyber-Bully" (Yes they are bringing back the term Cyber-Bully) each other to shit.People left and right diss tracking each other and harrassing each other through either commentating on their videos, or straight out just send hate their way.

It's honestly pretty sad, but i won't lie when i say i'm sorta in this whole thing due to me finding dark humor and satire funny.So i'm pretty much a hypocrite at this point.

Anyways comparing this has gone too long, in short i'm saying we're all trying to roast each other, insult each other, and do other mean shit.I honestly came to this community at a really fucking late time, and i honestly regret it.I want to see what it was like back in the old-days when we all sucked at Kisekae and we only had each other for tips and ideas.

And that's pretty much it.

(In other news, sorry for being sorta absent these past few...Weeks?..Months?, i've been busy with alot of shit, and i just didn't know what to fucking post at the time.So i've got fresh new ideas and i'm ready to start showing it off.I hope i didn't offend to many people with this rant just something i've noticed the past couple of weeks)
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I love you, whoever you are.

My love.

Reveal yourself to me, i cannot live anymore in agony of not knowing of your name.
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Pftttt, so i bet your wondering why am i making this journal.

This is just to explain my absence of not only on deviantart, but also on skype you know towards my skype buddies who are also my deviantart comrades, Basically it's not only school that's been taking up my time but i kinda lost my edge when it comes to my work. i'm more of a comments kinda guy then a favorite or view. to at least know that someone has criticism about my work or just have something funny to say.

I've also tried to shape myself into a better person in general i've felt as if i was always just a jerk in some way even if i didn't mean it.. So i'm pretty much just uploading when i can but i'm going to promise that i won't be absent for like super-long periods of time.
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:iconmidifang: is nextPreview
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Just lost a bunch of Watchers..Sad
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Tagged by my Sistah from anotha Mista :icongumballblower:

1. You have to post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people
5. You have to tag 13 people.
6. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
7. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
8. You can't say you don't do tags.

Thirteen Facts about yours truly

1. I have 10 packs of klondlike bars in my freezer
2. I had an old account here during 2006, Where i drew dark and forest artwork i closed it around 2011, and started this account i believe in 2013
3. I don't actually wear glasses as much anymore..
4. I watched tenacious when i was 4 years old.
5. I'm a proud owner of a pig.
6. I often have nosebleeds.
7. I can play classical piano and electric guitar and a Ukelele
8. My biggest inspiration for my songs is "Joji Miller"
9. I've done marijuana before, but no longer do it..
10. My old watchers believed that "Wedgies" are my fetish, Except it isn't..i just like ass.
11. I've worked on a PS4 game once.
12. My skype name is something funny
13. My hair alot curlier than i have made it out to be..
14. I often listen to music while starring at a wall to relax..
15. The best youtubers are FilthyFrank and Friendly A.I

:icongumballblower:'s Questions

1. If you could bang one anime character, who would it be?: Blake Belladonna
2. Favorite Song(s)?: Thom and Death of a Bachelor
3. Favorite Movie?: Scott Pilgrim vs the World
4. What is your opinion of me? Don't sugar coat it, be honest.: Cool buddy
5. Do you like waffles, pancakes, and french toast?: French Toast
6. Have you see Onision? If you haven't seen him, go look him up I've been on youtube long enough to say, He's not really a bad dude but a dude with large opinions
7. Hamsters or Ferrets? Ferrets
8. Yaoi or Yuri? Yaoi don't tell anyone
9. Do you have a senpai IRL? I'm the senpai
10. Favorite Youtuber?: FilthyFrank and or Jontron
11. Favorite old cartoon show (Ex: Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd n' Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, [Anime/Original] Teen Titans, Codename: Kids Next Door, Foster Home For Imaginary Friends, etc.) Ed Edd N' Eddy, Class of 3000 and Misadventures of Flapjack. Teen titans was good too.
12. Favorite Book Series? I enjoy the walking dead comics along with any Book written by Roald Dahl
13. If I killed someone, like say, Donald Trump or Justin Bieber, could I count on you to help me hide the body? Sure.

my Questions..

1.Have you ever gone into a fight before?

2. Ever written a song?

3. what's your favorite deviantart deviation from yourself                                                                                        4. on a scale from 1 to 11 what's your I.Q level?                

5. Favorite places to rest (Other than your bed you chump)

6. Favorite indie game?

7. Youtuber you hate except ones who are already largely hated

8. Inspirations for Art or Kisekae

9. Why do you think i tagged you

10. Dating?

11. What are you afraid of?

12. Any secret amazing talents

13. If you had an idea for a video game, Tell me bout it..

My tagged slaves are: :iconzephros542: :iconjay-jaysie: :iconmccoitis: :iconmuloui: i've ran out of people to tag, Cause Gumball tagged them all already.Okay..Umm...Er...if you're a kisekae user, Who uses expert mode.. Then you do this shit alright?

Rules: Tag 13 people you want to know better!

Name: Carl,Ross,Jordan
Star Sign: Pieces fish.
Average hours of Sleep: Sleeps are for chumps.
Lucky numbers: 69.....

What i'm wearing: Whatever you imagine babe.
Favorite Character in Fiction: Ruby Rose
Favorite Color: BLACK..
Favorite Drink: Dr.Pepper
Dance Skillz: 10/10
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thanks you guys so much for 200 watchers!,

I'm so happy..It's just so exciting to see people enjoying my "Deviations"..I'll be opening Customs for kisekae for free tomorrow..i'm just a bit i'll see you guys tomorrow?

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Donuts Donuts Donuts Donuts Donuts Donuts Donuts Icecream Donuts Donuts donuts
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  • Reading: Tales of Sorrows
 *READ IN RUSSIAN ACCENT*Guys..I have something to tell you for Days..Weeks..Months even..I'm...A Fucking..Goat..The latest deviation was already a hint at what i truly am..I'm sorry..But i must go with my people..I was only sent here to be able to..Spy on you guys for Mother Goat..I'm a traitor and i must be gone..Farewell..I'll see Goat Heaven
  • Reading: Tales of Sorrows
  • Reading: Tales of Sorrows
It's like everytime..Every time.

I try to be like them..I try so damn hard to be someone who i want to be.But sometimes it's just not enough i swear i'm not trying to be apart of you guys to gain attention.You guys were just my inspirations,And i swear i was only trying to be your friends..

But i end up just screwing it up with them..

I'm sorry..But you guys mean so much to me,Is that what you want me to do?..Beg?..Cause i can..On video too.
  • Reading: Tales of Sorrows
  • Listening to: Casey Lee Williams
  • Reading: Nothing
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  • Playing: With the voices in my head
  • Eating: My Darkness
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Yo,people of deviantart,you're probably wondering where i am these past few days..(lol just kidding nobody even will notice i was gone),I was just pretty sick and beat for a few days and couldn't get up from bed,But i'm ready now.To face the world.
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Oh god..I just started bawling my eyes out when i watched a movie from when a Little Kid..It's an anime-movie all the way back in 2001.It's called "Metropolis" It was a beautiful story that was so amazing that in the end just made you question "Who Am I"?.It's just so wonderfully Present and if you have time go check it out there's a full version on Youtube somewhere..
Knives: Hehe,Knives at your Service!
Nathan: Howdy!
Wyatt: W-w-what am i doing here?!
Shayla: Sup?

2.Awesome what gender are you
Knives: I once disguised myself a girl during an assassination..I'm not quite sure no more
Nathan: i mean i might look girly..but trust me,this is all man
Wyatt: I'm boy
Shayla: Well Duh i'm a female stupid,get your head straight

3.Your Age?
Knives: Sorry personal Information is Classified
Nathan: 18 yo
Wyatt: 19 don't wear it out
Shayla: I'm 17

4.What do you love?
Knives: I love Masks,Coca-cola,self-portraits,Cats,Random shit
Nathan: Blue Hair,Computers,other things
Wyatt: I like creepygirls,Spiders,Chicken,and novelty t-shirts
Shayla: I like Intelligence,Video-Games,Hatchets

5.What do you hate?
Knives: I hate it when a plan goes wrong
Nathan: Bullies,They suck
Wyatt: I hate..Snowpeople
Shayla: This generation's Music.

6.Got any powers?
Knives: I'm my own power ladies *Winks*
Nathan: I've got a supreme hacking skill
Wyatt: I can warp time and space
Shayla: My Intelligence ya nerd

7.Ever hurt or helped someone with your powers?
Knives: I've killed people that needed to be killed i guess.
Nathan: Not really.
Wyatt: Sorta i mean i can troll people with it *Smirks*
Shayla: Nope,And i don't fucking intend to.

8.Okay time to get personal
Knives: oooooooooooohhhh noooooooo
Nathan: Great?
Wyatt: Go ahead i've got no secrets at all *Frantically shakes*
Shayla: Damn.

9.Who was your first crush?
Knives: I've never loved anyone before *Cries one tear*
Nathan: *Sigh*,I'll never forget that Treasure Hunter..But eh i haven't seen her in a while.
Wyatt: I've loved a teen once named "Tina" Or somefing like that.
Shayla: I don't need love.

10.Ever asked your crush out? if so what's it like?
Knives: Never asked,neither had the time
Nathan: I was a super wimp when i was 13
Wyatt: Lonely Forever.
Shayla: Seriously stop asking

11.How many people have you dated
Knives: None sadly come on ladies!come and get me.
Nathan: One,I miss her too
Wyatt: Lonely forever
Shayla: Once again i don't need love

12.Ever kissed anyone one.
Knives: I've tried,Ended in a broken lip
Nathan: I think it was a peck
Wyatt: ....
Shayla: I've kissed my doll once that's it.

13.Do you have any kids? if so how many and what's their names?
Knives: I once disguised myself as a father in Texas once..Nice experience
Nathan: Nope,I mean..not yet..
Wyatt: I have a tarantula named "Pig"
Shayla: Nope

14. Have you ever did-it
Knives: Ladies...Call me..
Nathan: N-No!
Wyatt: What's does that mean?
Shayla: Eww,That's fucking gross.

15.Good or Evil.
Knives: I'm a super evilgood anti-hero
Nathan: I think myself as good guy
Wyatt: Good..

16.Have you ever killed someone? if so why?
Knives: Of course i've had i'm a hitman for crying out loud
Nathan: Nope was self-defense
Shayla: I prefer not to speak about it.

17.Are you Married
Knives: Nope,Not at the moment
Nathan: Nuh uh
Wyatt: No
Shayla: I don't give a hell about love.

18.What was the worst day you ever had?
Knives: Slipped on a banana peel once.
Nathan: Almost died from being strangled
Wyatt: I mean there's one time i wondered into a prison once,Right after i got destroyed
Shayla: Bad days?..Everyone's got bad days.

19.What was the best day you ever had?
Knives: the time i got payed a ton of money.
Nathan: Working with Astrid was one of the best moments.
Wyatt: When i adopted "Pig"
Shayla: ehehe,when i first bought my ps1

20.What was your first date like?
Knives: Eh?
Nathan: It was okay,too nervous though
Wyatt: Never been on one
Shayla: Never gonna be on one.

21.Are you all dead?
Knives: Bwahaha,I'm still here ain't i?
Nathan: No i'm fine
Wyatt: I don't think so
Shayla: still walking

22.Are you married
Knives: No
Nathan: No sorry
Wyatt: I haven't even been in a relationship
Shayla: i don't need one.

23.did you marry your first love
ALL: NO!!!

24.What would you want your dream boy/girl to look like?
Knives: I want her to be a hitman and very good at Charisma like yours truly
Nathan: Someone similiar to "Astrid" or even Lara croft
Wyatt: *Blushes* Anyone who can deal with my insanity
Shayla: I guess it's okay if they're also intelligent

25.What are you most afraid of?
Knives: Creepy Fuckin dolls
Nathan: The noises in the woods
Wyatt: Heights
Shayla: Nightmares

26.Have you lost someone close?
Knives: i can't answer that.
Nathan: My grandfather who gave me his lucky rifle
Wyatt: No nobody
Shayla: My lil' sister.hehe,i'll never forget that dork.

27.Who are you closest too?
Knives: To me,myself and I
Nathan: To my Sister "Hope"
Wyatt: To "Pig"
Shayla: pft,you mean people who can easily backstab you?!,Yeah no thanks.

28.If you'd do anything in the world what would it be?
Knives: Lot's of money so i can retire hehe.
Nathan: To be more braver and stronger
Wyatt: I really want a sandwich right now
Shayla: World Domination

29.Okay now go tag some victims!.

Okay real quickly the person who tagged me was :iconzephros542:

Alright i tag :iconxxarilinaxx:,:iconmccoitis:,:icondeathninja07:
Ughhh it's like almost everything tries and prevent me from being happy..Firstly my laptop is having space problems that are affecting with my Kisekae stuff,Secondly my adobe somehow got deleted for no apparent reason and considering i have no more space i can't redownload it at the moment..It makes me so sad sometimes like when you've wanted to just be happy but they are things that just piss you off?..It just hurts my brain..I'm gonna take a quick break from Deviantart..I mean i'm still gonna favorite and comment on shit..But other than that..I'm taking a break..
Wasup guys,To the watchers who came for My Wedgie/Enf Content..Please don't worry i'm just posting some of my serious stuff for now to sorta change pase every now and then..:),As for my latest wedgie work i'm working on Wedgie University episode 1 remade,And i'm also working on Wedgie Merc..So please don't fret..But most of this week i'll be posting my serious work...I'll see you guys soon :)